boy riding on toy car next to dadStruggling to find a Father’s Day gift for the dapper dad in your life? As much as we love how they manage to look impeccably smart and polished day after day, it can be intimidating to find the perfect gift for such a man.  

Don’t let this scare you off from shopping for your debonair dad. Though it may seem like he has everything he could possibly need, there are plenty of ways to impress your dad by tapping into his sophisticated sense of style.

If you’re stuck on ideas, don’t panic just yet. This guide will help you find the perfect gift for the dapper dad in your life.


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Luxury Watch

If you’re wanting to really splurge on Dad this year, a luxury watch is sure to impress him.  Every modern gentleman owns at least one watch that is both stylish and practical, but the Runwell Sport Chrono takes things to a whole new level.  

mens fashion wrist watch

This hand-assembled luxury watch is engineered to the highest possible quality, from its leather strap to the Super-LumiNova printed dial details.  Shinola watches also come in beautiful hickory watch boxes that are polished by hand before they are shipped.  It’s no wonder why former President Barack Obama loved his own Shinola watch.


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Fun Dress Socks

A well-dressed man such as your dad knows how to pull off a good pair of patterned socks. This Father’s Day, you can help him boost his fashion game and give him some fun dress socks that will inject his outfits with some personality.

Better yet, you can give your father the gift that keeps on giving with a Sock of the Month Club subscription box. Each month, he’ll receive two pairs of socks that have been chosen based on his personal style, hobbies, likes and interests. Building up a wardrobe has never been so easy.

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Some Top-Shelf Bourbon

A man with a fine taste in fashion deserves some first rate bourbon to match. Bourbon is the quintessential drink of a man with class and style, which means that your dad probably has a few mid-priced whiskeys of his own already. What he may not have is some top-shelf bourbon.

You can elevate yourself to favorite child status this year by getting him a bottle of fancy bourbon for Father’s Day.  A bottle of Barterhouse 20 or Whistle Pig 10-Year Old-World Rye will do the trick.

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Whiskey Decanter and Glasses Set

A fancy whiskey decanter and glasses set is the perfect accessory to your father’s bar cart. This Lexington set is mouth-blown and has a classy, yet functional design that is the hallmark of a dapper gentleman.

man in suit holding tumbler of whiskey

If you have already splurged on Dad with the top-shelf bourbon, consider coordinating with a sibling. Your sibling will be grateful for the gift idea, and your dad will reap the benefits by receiving everything he needs to showcase his fine spirits.

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Personalized Tie Case

Does your dad go on the occasional overnight business trip? If he is a frequent traveler, then he probably knows a few packing techniques to keep his clothes from looking wrinkled and unprofessional. Even so, relying on packing hacks to keep your ties crease-free is a bit of a gamble.

Take the struggle out of your dad’s packing this year with a personalized luxury Italian leather tie case.  This Maxwell Scott tie case is handmade in Italy using the highest quality Italian leather so that your dad can carry his ties in style. Don’t forget to emboss it with a personalized message for a special touch!

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Quirky Cufflinks

As any modern gentleman knows, it’s the small details in a man’s suit that truly make the outfit.  Cufflinks may seem like a minor detail, but they are another great way to inject your own unique style and personality into a wardrobe staple.

If your dad is passionate about his golf game, he will love these golf ball and tee cufflinks from Men’s Accessories Box. He will think of you every time he looks at them. Or he might just daydream about getting back out on the greens.

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Stylish Specs

man in blue blazer standing by buildingWhether your dad needs prescription glasses or not, a handsome pair of specs is a classic and stylish accessory that will enhance his sophisticated wardrobe.  Although the wrong pair can dramatically age a man, the right pair can keep him looking sharp and sophisticated.

Help your dad up elevate eyewear game this year by getting him some frames that fit his face and matches his refined sense of style. Warby Parker has a wide selection of fashionable eyeglasses and sunglasses that will put a modern twist on old classics.

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High Quality Shaving Kit

Shaving kits are a practical gift for all types of men, but the dapper dad needs something a little more high-end than the typical store-bought shaving products. Skip the cheap shave kits that come with aggressive scents and splurge on a high-quality kit that will make your dad look and smell amazing.

This premium shaving kit from KC Shave Company is built to last and promises a perfect shave every time.  Your dad will receive a beautiful razor, a stainless steel shave stand, premium Mahogany soap and a shave brush to keep him looking and feeling like a million bucks.

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Classic Camel Overcoat

There are a few fashion staples that every well-dressed man needs to have in his closet, and the camel overcoat is one of them. This classic piece works for men of all ages and can be dressed up or down for nearly any occasion, making it a must-have in any modern gentleman’s closet.

The best part is that you don’t need to fork over hundreds of dollars to get you father a nice camel overcoat.  Overcoats come in all styles and price points so that you can find the right coat at the right price for your dapper dad. You can find budget-friendly options or you could spulge on your father with this Michael Kors cashmere-blend overcoat.

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Cigar Humidor

Does your dad enjoy the occasional cigar every now and again? If so, he will love his own wood humidor that has been personalized and engraved just for him. An elegant humidor will keep his cigars fresh, and it’s a gift that he can cherish for years to come. This cedar wood humidor is made from Macintosh Oak with a walnut finish and can hold up to 50 standard-sized cigars. Just don’t forget to fill it with some premium cigars before you give it to him.

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Top-Notch Tie

A tie is a classic gift to give to dear old dad, but this doesn’t make it any less exciting for him. In fact, your dad’s keen sense of style means that he probably has a collection of ties to go with any occasion. Adding another tie to his growing collection might be the perfect gift!

If this is the case, then a monthly tie subscription box is sure to put a smile on your dad’s face each month. Simply fill in some details about your dad’s personal style, and he will receive an awesome tie each month that he will love. You can prepay for a few months to try it out or purchase a full 12 months in advance to make him happy all year long.

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Leather Portfolio Organizer

Just because your dad’s style is timeless doesn’t mean that he isn’t up-to-date on the latest technology. With a high-end leather portfolio organizer, he can easily carry around his iPad or MacBook Pro/Air, some tech accessories, credit cards, pens, notes and more.

This distressed leather portfolio organizer from Savage Supply Company will help you dad carry all his business items in style wherever he goes. With its minimalistic and practical design, it will perfectly match his dapper persona.

leather organizer for dad quote

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A Gentleman’s Robe

Whether you call it a robe or a dressing gown, this wardrobe staple is the mark of a true gentleman. Once reserved for only upper-class gents, anyone can now sport a dressing gown these days.  

Of course, not everyone can pull off the look. A classy, high-end robe guarantees both comfort and style, which is a must for any modern gentlemen. Splurge on this Derek Rose tasseled belt gown or a Brooks Brothers robe for a more budget-friendly option.

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Shoe Care Kit

A man’s shoes can make or break his outfit, which is why many gentlemen don’t hesitate to invest in multiple pairs of nice dress shoes. Your stylish dad has probably spent a decent amount of money on his shoes, but how much has he invested into their care?

With a nice shoe care kit, he has all the right tools and treatments to keep his favorite pair of shoes looking spiffy.  This natural shoe kit is packaged in a reusable wooden crate and uses all-natural ingredients in its treatments.  Now, your dad can polish his shoes and remove those stubborn salt stains to restore them to their peak condition once more.

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Pocket Squares

When it comes to our suits, we need to focus on the intricate details that add to the suit’s overall appearance. Pocket squares are one such accessory that may be small, but they can significantly enhance the look of any suit.  

gentleman adjusting his pocket square

If your dad only has a few pocket squares in his closet, this is the ideal time to add some flair into his wardrobe. In fact, you can get him a pocket square and matching tie that you know will pair magnificently with one of his suits. Or, you could find a pocket square that has a unique design and that makes a bold statement with his favorite dress shirts. The possibilities are endless!

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Dopp Kit

For dapper dads who are frequent travelers or gym goers, a nice toiletries bag is a must-have.  They may be small, but toiletry bags can hold a surprising amount of grooming products for the average gentleman. Plus, they help keep these products safe and secure.

Dad will love this leather travel kit that will hold all his grooming items in style. Its classic leather design will always be in vogue, and it is guaranteed to last for ages, no matter how many miles your dad racks up.

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Weekend Duffle Bag

Speaking of traveling, a stylish duffle bag is a great gift for any dad. Whether it’s a quick trip to the gym or a last-minute weekend getaway, every man needs a duffle bag that he can call his own. There are bags for every man’s budget, but this Barbour wax holdall bag will boost his travel style and stand the test of time.

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Fine Writing Pen

Typing may seem more efficient, but there are plenty of reasons to use traditional pen and paper.  Whether you are writing a personal letter or simply signing your signature at the end of a business document, fine writing pens still have their place in this world.

man writing with fountain pen

When your dad writes his first sentence with a beautiful fountain pen, he will be hooked.  There is something special about writing with the same instrument that have inspired gentlemen for centuries. Plus, most fountain pens aren’t meant to be thrown away, so not only are they stylish, but eco-friendly as well.

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Modern Penny Loafers

As a man of good taste, there’s no doubt that he has a few pairs of high-quality dress shoes in his closet. If it has been a few years since he purchased his last pair, now is a great time to update his old penny loafers and give them a more modern look.

These Italian leather penny loafers in oxblood color are comfortable, versatile and most importantly—incredibly fashionable. Handmade in Italy, you won’t find a better shoe for the price. Your dad will no doubt get plenty of wear out of these fine shoes and be thanking you for years to come.

This year, celebrate your father’s special day with one of these inspired gift ideas, and let him know how valuable he is in your life.