By the time the weekend rolls around, most of us are ready to kick back, relax, and dressing however we please. Although being free from the limits of your office dress code is awesome, this doesn’t mean that you need to abandon every semblance of a stylish gentleman and give into wearing sweatpants.

The weekend presents an opportunity to showcase your personal style without being bound by a professional dress code. Why not take advantage of this through some fun menswear accessories?

From stylish sunglasses to funky hats, to colorful socks, here are a few menswear accessories that deserve a spot in your weekend wardrobe.

A Versatile Watch

You may have a dress watch for business formal occasions, but what about the weekend? A versatile watch is a stylish addition to casual menswear, and it is one of the few types of jewelry that most men feel comfortable wearing.

To choose the right watch, consider your personal style. Do you lean towards preppy or are you a minimalist?  Your watch should be consistent with your everyday style, otherwise it will look out of place.

Couple with colored sunglasses

Colored Sunglasses

Summer is coming to an end, but there are still many days of sunshine ahead of us. If you haven’t purchased a trendy pair of colored lens sunglasses yet, then there is still plenty of time to snag a pair and sport them well into the winter.

Which colored lenses should you wear? If you ask us, you can’t go wrong with a stylish pair of Wayfarer Wood Frame Sunglasses. These classic frames will instantly take your weekend style up a notch and compliment everything you have in your closet.

Wayfarers look good on men of all ages and add a laid-back, ultra-cool vibe to their style. For this exact reason, they also make a great gift to give to the dapper gentleman in your life.

Casual Beanie

Even during the summer, you will catch stylish celebrities such as David Beckham sporting their beanies as part of their weekend wardrobe. This quintessential weekend hat is a classic menswear accessory that deserves a place in every modern man’s closet.

The great thing about a beanie is that it’s difficult to get it wrong. Whether you’re rocking it with a shearling jacket in the winter or a plain tee-shirt in the summer, the beanie is always a stylish addition to your casual streetwear.

Dapper Bow Tie

Bow ties once had an unfair reputation in the world of men’s fashion, but this jaunty men’s accessory has made a big comeback in recent years.  Today, men are no longer saving their bow ties for formal occasions. Instead, they are incorporating them into their everyday style—including their weekend wardrobe.

Pairing a casual bow tie with a casual shirt can add a bit of elegance and style to an otherwise laidback look. Although it seems like a risky style move, we promise that it’s not as difficult to pull off as it sounds. A solid-color bow tie with a patterned shirt and blue jeans is a simple outfit that looks quite fashionable. We guarantee that once you get the hang of this classic menswear accessory, you will be excited to expand your bow tie collection.

Man with duffle bag

The Stylish Duffle Bag

If you’ve been using the same sports duffle bag you’ve had since college, then it’s time for a serious style upgrade. As a man of the world, you need a travel bag that is both practical and reflects your impeccable sense of style.

For your weekend trips, nothing beats a high-quality leather duffle bag. A leather weekender bag is small enough to fit in overhead bins when traveling by plane.

Although leather duffle bags can be pricey, there are plenty of affordable options out there as well. Look for a weekender bag that is fashionable, functional and offered at an approachable price to always travel in style.

Shirt Jacket

It won’t be long before the temperatures begin to drop, which means that now is a good time to find the perfect shirt jacket to wear over the weekend.  This essential fall layering piece is extremely versatile and can be worn hanging out with your friends or dressed up for the office.

Shirt jackets are exactly what they sound like—an oversized shirt that functions as a jacket. If you live in a place that gets cold, you are probably familiar with this stylish coat option.

To stand out from the crowd this fall and winter, be a little bold with your shirt jackets. Choose shirt jackets in unconventional colors such as pale pink and purple or feature a subtle pattern. This will brighten up your weekend wardrobe and earn you extra style points.

Final Thoughts

Your style doesn’t need to go out the window during the weekend. Instead, you should use this opportunity to sport the latest men’s fashion trends that might be too risky for the office.

What menswear accessories do you enjoy wearing on the weekend? Let us know in the comment section!