When you only owned two or three neckties, finding a better way to store them probably wasn’t a huge priority for you. Now that your impressive tie collection is blossoming, you may want to rethink how to display your favorite menswear accessory.

Fortunately, you have plenty of options for necktie storage. Whether you are working with limited closet space or you are frequently traveling, there are a few smart ways to store that magnificent collection of yours:

Small Closet?  Mount an IKEA Trivet Sideways

If your closet is on the smaller side, the last thing you need is a large tie rack taking up valuable space. With a wall-mounted tie rack, you can display your beautiful neckties without feeling cramped in your closet.

Our tie storage hack?  Buy the LAMPLIG trivet from IKEA and mount it sideways. Not only is it less expensive than traditional wall-mounted tie racks, but the stainless steel makes it look manly and stylish.

Tie Storage for the Budget-Conscious

The more money you save, the more you can spend on your budding tie collection.  If you don’t want a wall-mounted tie rack, there are other budget-friendly ways to store your ties.

This next tie storage hack is free if you have empty plastic water bottles at your disposal. Simply cut the water bottle in half, dry it out, roll up your tie, and store it in the water bottle.

Rolling your ties keeps them free of wrinkles and stretching. Additionally, this storage method makes it easy to see the design and color of your tie. If you only have a few ties and don’t want to spend money on an organizer, this simple hack is a no-brainer.

DIY Tie Rack

DIY Tie Rack

Sure, a luxurious, cedarwood tie rack would be a great way to show off your impeccable sense of style, but not every gentleman has the money for this type of storage.

What’s the solution? Make your own, of course! Not only can you customize it to your liking, but you will also earn bragging rights when your friends ask how you store your neckties.

When making your tie box rack, remember to give yourself enough room to grow your necktie collection. This DIY tie rack tutorial holds up to 39 ties, but you can add more or less, depending on your preferences.

If you only wear ties for formal occasions and have less than 10, consider repurposing an old wooden box into a tie storage box. It’s super easy and costs nothing!

Show Off Your Favorite Ties with a Storage Tray

No matter how many ties you collect over the years, you likely have a few that you love to wear regularly. Rather than dig through your closet for the same ties, why not keep your favorites in a storage tray for easy access?

A nice storage tray will display your favorite neckties without causing wrinkles or creases. Because knit ties may stretch out when they are hung on a tie rack, a storage tray is a great solution.

Just remember to not keep your storage tray in direct sunlight. This can fade and damage your neckties, especially ones made from silk.

Man folding clothes into suitcase

Necktie Hacks for Traveling

Do you frequently travel for work? If so, then it’s important that you have an efficient way to store your ties so that they don’t wrinkle or crease.

The best way to store your ties during travel depends on how many you plan to take with you. If you don’t travel often and only have one or two neckties, then simply roll up them up and put them in your dress shoes.

For frequent business travelers, a stylish tie travel case is best. If you go on weeklong trips, opt for a leather tie case that holds roughly seven ties. For two or three-day trips, a leatherette roll case is also a decent choice. Roll cases hold one or two ties and are also great way to gift someone a tie.


After a long day at the office, it’s tempting to just throw your tie on a chair and forget about it.  But if you want to extend the life of your neckties, then we recommend storing them properly.

You don’t need a fancy necktie rack or storage box, although they do look nice. With a few simple storage hacks, you can free up space in your closet and use a budget-friendly tie rack that will keep your accessory looking sharp for years to come.