If you have never worn cufflinks, we’ll tell you right now that you are missing out. This classic men’s accessory has become the mark of a stylish gentleman and adds a new level of sophistication to your attire.

Cufflinks are traditionally associated with black tie occasions, but times have changed. Now, classy men are sporting cufflinks to work to add a bit of personality and style to their suits.

Whether you want to look good at a wedding or nail your corporate office attire, cufflinks are a must-have for your wardrobe. Here is what you need to know about how to wear them the right way:

Shirts to Wear Cufflinks

Before we go any further, we should discuss which shirts you need to own that will allow you to wear cufflinks. The two most common types of shirts include the French cuff shirt and the barrel cuff shirt.

man positioning tie on collared shirt

French Cuff

The French cuff, or double cuff, is a formal dress shirt that is typically worn with a tuxedo or at formal events. The sleeves are long, going well past the wrist and are folded back to align the two holes for the cufflinks to be fastened.

Barrel Cuff

The barrel cuff, or button cuff, is more casual than the French cuff and most common way to wear to work. Barrel cuff shirts often have one or two buttons included when they are purchased, but you can easily snip away the buttons to make room for casual cufflinks.

Essential Cufflinks for the Modern Man

There are so many different styles of cufflinks these days that it is impossible to choose a single pair. And why wouldn’t you want multiple types of cufflinks? This is your chance to wear jewelry that is both functional and fashionable.

If you are just now diving into cufflinks, then choosing the right ones to have in your arsenal can be a bit overwhelming. Let’s discuss a few essentials that every man should own.

Gold and Platinum Cufflinks

Cufflinks come in a variety of metals, but gold and platinum are classic metals that will stand the test of time. Considering that you will most likely be wearing these in boardrooms or important meetings, keep them simple and tasteful. You don’t want your cufflinks to distract others while you are giving a presentation.

Cufflinks in Different Shapes

Who says that you need to stick with traditional square cufflinks? Don’t be afraid to own cufflinks in various shapes and fastenings. For instance, a classic gold knot cufflink can be both professional and stylish, making it perfect for the boardroom. For black tie events, check out how Eddie Redmayne wore his barbed wire McQueen cufflinks on the red carpet.

Personalized Cufflinks

You can’t get any more unique than with personalized cufflinks. Whether they have your initials engraved in them or they hold photos of your loved ones, these casual cufflinks showcase your individuality.

Novelty Cufflinks

Have a favorite sports team? Or maybe you’re a big fan of Star Wars? Get yourself some novelty cufflinks. These are by and large the best way to show off your personality, but they are only appropriate for casual environments.

Remember that you don’t need to acquire these cufflinks all at once! By signing up for a Men’s Accessories Box, you can get a new pair of stylish cufflinks sent to you each month. Yes, it really is that easy to look good.

The Most Stylish Ways to Wear Cufflinks

man in blue blazer isolated on gray background

Ready to wear some serious style on your sleeve? Here are a few tips for you to keep in mind when you wear cufflinks.

Wear Cufflinks With a Jacket

Cufflinks are a formal men’s accessory, which means that they often require a jacket to be worn with them. Though some men can pull off cufflinks without a jacket, beginners may want to play it safe and wear them strictly with suits.

Don’t Be Overly Flashy

As with most men’s accessories, cufflinks are meant to tie your entire look together and enhance your style. Overly flashy cufflinks are distracting and make it seem like you’re trying too hard.

For standard office style, choose a design that is subtle but also gives a bit of character, such as these sterling silver bear cufflinks. Save the gemstones for black tie events!

Go Beyond the White French Cuff Shirt

A white French-cuff shirt is a classic choice for formal wear, but try experimenting with barrel cuff shirts in blue or pink for casual settings. The contrasting colors are less formal, yet they can still broadcast professionalism when matched with some enamel cufflinks.

Match Your Metals

The standard rule is to match your watch to your cufflinks. Though it isn’t a hard rule, it simply looks better to have these two accessories coordinate.

Final Thoughts

Cufflinks have been making a huge comeback lately and are quickly becoming a must have for stylish professionals. Once you get used to wearing them, you can start experimenting with different styles and earn a reputation as a master of style.