Summer is now upon us, gentlemen. While it may be the season for boat shoes, preppy shorts and trendy Hawaiian shirts, it’s also the season for weddings. This is your opportunity to rock your formal summer attire and look smart during the hot days of summer.

Speaking of stylish attire, we find that a pocket square never fails to elevate your look. If you don’t know how to style a pocket square, one of the classiest accessories known to man, we have you covered! Here is how to perfectly style your pocket square for any upcoming summer events.

Pocket Square Colors, Patterns and Fabrics

First, let’s discuss which pocket square colors, patterns and fabrics are best for summer weddings. Choosing the right combination will depend on the dress code and what time of day the wedding occurs.

Colors and Patterns

Daytime weddings are generally more casual affairs, which means that brighter colors, like yellows, pinks, baby blues, and reds, are appropriate choices. In menswear accessories, these colors can give your grey, tan or navy suit a splash of color that is tasteful, yet eye-grabbing.

Pocket squares come in many different patterns, and you should have fun with them!  Effortlessly pull off your funky paisley and stripe pocket squares by pairing them with a solid-color shirt and tie, so that they are more of a statement piece.

Heck, you can even skip the tie if you really want your pocket square to shine. The options are unlimited, so don’t be afraid to inject some personality.

male sitting down in multi colored suit

Pocket Square Fabrics

Light fabrics, such as cotton and linen, are more suitable for summer weddings in comparison to heavier fabrics like wool or tweed. Of course, there are no hard-and-fast rules to pocket squares. If you want to rock a wool pocket square, don’t let us stop you! Just don’t break the cardinal rule of matching your pocket square to your tie or shirt.

In addition to cotton and linen, chambray is a great fabric for your summer wedding style. It’s extremely versatile and works with nearly any outfit, making it ideal for those who are new to pocket squares.

And who can forget silk? This fashionable fabric is suitable year-round and can be styled for black-tie occasions or business casual events.

Style Techniques for Pocket Squares

man sitting in brown blazer with subtle pocket square

If pocket squares are your favorite accessory, consider signing up for a MAB subscription box to receive one in the mail each month. There’s no shame in aspiring to be a style icon!

To nail your summer wedding look, let’s address a few ways to fold your pocket square. These techniques will keep your pocket square looking effortlessly stylish and worthy of any event.

The Puff Pocket Square

Possibly the most casual of the pocket square styles, the puff pocket style is easy to master and looks great with patterned pocket squares. The beauty in this fold is its perfect disarray, which makes silk a great fabric choice.

The Unfinished Fold

This is essentially a less formal take on the straight fold, making it more suitable for summer weddings. Choose a fun pattern and stick with a cotton fabric for a sharp fold.

One-Point Pocket Square

Another easy style for newbies, the one-point pocket square works for both casual and formal occasions. Choose a solid color square in anything but white to keep it less formal looking.

Two-Point Pocket Square

Once you’ve mastered the one-point square, it’s time to up the ante with a two-point pocket square. A white pocket square with colored edges looks smart when styled in the two-point fashion. This style also looks great with patterns as well.

Remember Gentlemen—Details Matter!

The pocket square is a small detail that, if styled correctly, can elevate your look instantly. To look sharp and respectful at any wedding, it’s critical to rock your pocket square for the occasion at hand.

Which pocket square styles are your favorites? Let us know in the comments!