As the class of 2017 prepares to graduate, we can’t help but think back to how we felt about our own graduations. Excited, terrified and determined are a few good adjectives that come to mind.

Fortunately, the job outlook for new grads is promising. Still, the class of 2017 will face unique challenges as they enter the workforce. Why not make their transition easier with the perfect graduation gift?

Whether you are buying for the tech junkie or the impeccably dressed graduate, here are some graduation gift ideas that they are guaranteed to love:

The Avid Traveler

If your recent graduate has plans to travel before entering the “real” world, then a personalized passport wallet will serve them well. Whether they are jetting off to Greece, Japan or Europe, they will always be reminded of you when they earn their stamps.

This passport is made with 100 percent real Italian leather and can be engraved with your graduate’s initials to make it extra special. Now, they can travel the globe in style.

people shaking hands in office

The Corporate Climber

We have all met that one person who seems destined for the corporate world. Eager to climb the ranks, this grad is a sponge who soaks in anything that could possibly help them boost their career.

For this type of grad, you can get them Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People and feel good knowing that they will actually read it. Despite its age, this famous book has been a favorite of many successful entrepreneurs and continues to provide readers with actionable advice for better leadership and communication.

The Tech Junkie

The class of 2017 was raised with technology, which is why it’s not surprising that many new grads are obsessed with the latest digital gadgets. Whether graduating from high school or college, your graduate will find the Anker PowerCore+ portable charger valuable.

This portable charger can be used to power up laptops, smartphones, tablets and other tech that your grad deems essential. Now, your tech junkie won’t need to frantically search for a power outlet when their battery runs low.

The Well-Dressed Graduate

In a world full of basketball shorts and hoodies, this grad gets a round of applause for looking sharp around campus. Not only did he earn his degree, but he managed to look great while doing it.

It’s time to reward this well-dressed man with the gift he deserves. As a man who never forgets the details, this graduate will surely love some unique cufflinks. If he has a bit of a nerdy side, these Star Wars storm trooper head cufflinks are a must.

man looking at phone

The Grad School Bound

Those four years may have passed quickly, but school isn’t over for everyone. Those with aspirations to go on to grad school will need a special gift to help them succeed.

For this type of graduate, nothing beats the latest Apple iPad. With an all-day battery life and over one million available apps, this new model gives them incredible capabilities. Get them a Logitech keyboard to go with it, and you will win the best grad gift award, hands down. Pro tip:  these two items can often be bundled for a better deal!

The Aspiring Lawyer

Do you have a future law student on your hands? As many lawyers can attest, law school is often stressful and time consuming. If he is struggling to look sharp and polished, but simply doesn’t have the time to shop for menswear items, we have a brilliant solution for you.

You can help your graduate out by gifting him a Men’s Accessories Box. Each month, he will receive a box of menswear accessories including ties, tie clips, cufflinks and more—all based on his personal style. It’s sent right to his door, which means that he can focus on hitting the books instead of shopping!

The DIY-er

While some young adults need help, others pride themselves on doing everything on their own. If your high school graduate is a bonafide DIYer, then he will need a basic tool kit to take with him to college.

With the right tool kit, they won’t need to call mom and dad every time something breaks. When they aren’t fixing something in their apartment, you know that your DIYer will make good use of these tools with additional side projects.

Final Words

Congratulations to the class of 2017! What do you plan on giving that special graduate in your life? Let us know in the comments!