There are few things in life that are as pleasurable as a nice, organized closet. A tidy closet just makes it easier to plan your wardrobe for the upcoming week.

You probably know how to hang your work shirts and dress pants, but what about your ties, tie bars, cufflinks and other men’s accessories?

If your accessories are currently in disarray, you aren’t alone. Many of us didn’t begin investing in ties, collar stays and pocket squares until we reached adulthood. 

But as your accessory collection begins to expand, it’s important to keep things neat and clean.  Here are four tips to help you organize your men’s accessories the right way.

Organize Strategically

To paraphrase Polonius in Hamlet, there should be a method to your madness. In other words, you should store your accessories in a way that makes sense to you.

For instance, you might store your cologne on your dresser. It looks nice and works for some men, but many of us don’t have much time in the morning. It’s simply more practical for cologne to be in the bathroom to easily spritz on when you get out of the shower.

Organize in a way that fits your lifestyle and your habits. The easier you make it on yourself, the more likely you will be to keep things organized for the long term.

Learn How to Properly Store Your Accessories

well-organized closet with mens items

Want to get the most mileage out of your accessories? Learn how to properly store each one to extend their lifespan.

Hang your belts: It’s common to store belts by rolling them up, but bending them will wear them down. Hang belts to keep them straight.

Roll up ties: You can hang your ties or roll them. If you decide to roll them, consider using a tie storage tray and organizing them by color. This makes it easier to choose the right tie to match your outfit.

Separate watches: Use a standard watch box to compartmentalize each watch. This will keep them from scratching each other.

Keep tie cufflinks in a small storage container: Smaller men’s accessories such as cufflinks can easily become lost. Keep them in a classy cufflink storage container that looks nice sitting on your dresser.

Don’t hang your bags: Before you put your messenger bag on a hook, consider how gravity might take its toll. Instead, store your bags on a high shelf in the closet.

Leave Room to Expand Your Collection

Think that you are going to stick with the same ties and lapels for the rest of your life? We hope not. Every stylish man deserves get themselves new menswear accessories regularly to keep things fresh and exciting.

With this in mind, you should organize your accessories in such a way that leaves room for additional accessories. Even if you don’t purchase new pocket squares and bowties regularly, this doesn’t mean that you won’t receive them as gifts in the future.

Trust us on this; you will add more men’s accessories to your wardrobe over time, and there is nothing wrong with that. But to avoid repeatedly organizing your closet, be sure to include additional space the first time!

Invest in a Shoe Rack

shoe rack holding mens shoes

All right, gentlemen, let’s talk about shoes. From your boat shoes to your dress shoes, you should store them properly to keep them in tip-top shape.

Dress shoes in particularly aren’t inexpensive, which means that you don’t want to throw them haphazardly in the closet after a long day of work. We know that it’s tempting, but that isn’t gentlemanly behavior or beneficial for the care of your shoes.

Almost as bad as tossing your shoes carelessly around your room is cramming them into spaces that are too tight. This can cause creases on your shoes that look unprofessional.

So how should a modern gentleman store his shoes? One of the best ways is to store them on shelves or invest in a nice shoe rack.

Shoe racks may take up valuable ground space in your closet, but they don’t necessarily need to be placed in that small space. This modern-looking shoe rack can protect your clothes and be placed in your bedroom. There are plenty of creative shoe rack solutions that will fit into your closet and stylishly organize your footwear.

Final Thoughts

Organizing your men’s accessories doesn’t need to be a chore. Do it right the first time, and you can keep things looking neat and professional for the long-term.

Have any tips of your own to share with your fellow gentlemen? Let us know in the comments!