For decades, the general style rule for menswear stated that your dress socks should match the color of your trousers. This rule holds up when it comes to important business meetings or formal events—but for regular days in the office, we think you can have a little fun.

Today, the modern gentleman isn’t afraid to be bold with his socks. Check your workplace dress code, and then add some bold colors and patterns to your sock drawer.

If you’re ready to step up your sock game this year, then we’ve got some inspiring examples to help you kick it off on the right foot.

Embrace Tonal Stripes

If you’re new to the bold sock trend, then starting off with tonal stripes is recommended. This pattern can be subtle, yet powerful enough to add a pop of color to your outfit and look stylish at the office. You can never go wrong with tonal stripes in navy blue, but you can also take a walk on the wild side with bright oranges and pinks.

Step It Up a Notch with Herringbone

Once you get the hang of wearing common patterns like stripes, it’s time to pepper in difficult patterns. Herringbone isn’t too difficult to pull off—especially if you choose a muted color such as gray—but the diagonal pattern can be eye-grabbing in red and green hues. A fashion-forward professional such as yourself will have no trouble wearing this trending pattern.

Nautical for the Summer

Summer isn’t over yet, which is why you need a pair of nautical-inspired socks to wear to work, happy hour, or even that big, corporate yacht party your company throws each year. This is the perfect option for those who aren’t feeling the brighter colors of summer, but who still want to wear something seasonal.

The New Athletic Sock

Remember those amazing athletic socks your dad wore in high school? The ones with the stripes at the top? They’re back. These retro classics showed up on many run-ways this season. These retro-stripe socks aren’t for everyone and may not be appropriate for your office, but they can certainly up your street style credentials.

mens feet wearing purple socks

Make a Statement with Solid Color Socks

Bright, solid-color socks look best when you keep the rest of your outfit monochromatic. For instance, a gray suit and white dress shirt with robin’s egg blue dress socks works well because the socks are your statement piece. Extra style tip: Cuff your pants to reveal your bold socks.

Match Your Socks to Your Jacket

Yes, we know that we just told you to keep the rest of your look simple if you’re going to wear bold socks, but there are a few exceptions. For example, a dark green blazer and khaki chinos goes well with dark green socks.

No-Show Socks for the Summer

Sometimes it’s best if your socks don’t show at all. In fact, it’s been a hot trend lately to go sockless with your loafers. If you don’t want to go completely bare, but still achieve the bare ankle look, then a few pairs of no-show socks should be in your wardrobe this summer. Even better, you can even buy them in some cool colors if you are so inclined.

groom in argyle socks

Go Classic with Argyle

These aren’t your grandad’s socks. Modern men have taken this classic pattern and made it fresh by choosing bright-colored argyle socks. Our advice is to pass on the loafers and wear these socks with a fine pair of brogues to keep it jaunty. Argyle and loafers can seem a bit too geriatric if you aren’t careful with the pairing.

Get Festive

Normally, we would steer you away from wearing cheesy patterns, but the holidays are different. There are a few times of the year when you can and should wear festive socks. From Halloween to Christmas and Hanukkah, feel free to get into the holiday spirit with your dress socks.

The Non-Boring Neutral

It’s true that fashion rules are meant to be broken, but what if you’re the type of person who would rather toe the line?

Well, we have good news for guys like you. You can still elevate your sock game by choosing a non-boring neutral. Just stick with earthy tones, like brown and green, in solid colors to show others that you can bring an elevated game.

Final Thoughts

Life is too short to play strictly by the rules. Patterned dress socks are currently a major style trend that men everywhere are enjoying — both in and out of the office.

So go ahead and have some fun with your socks! Order a MAB sock subscription, and you’ll receive two pairs of stylish socks each month, each hand-picked just for you! It’s about time that you treated yourself to this fun, new trend!